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Johnny Carson Ancestry and Family Tree

Johnny Carson Ancestry and Family Tree John William Johnny Carson (October 23, 1925 Ââ€" January 23, 2005 was an American actor, comedian and writer best known for his tenure as host of The Tonight Show from 1962 until 1992. Born in Corning, Iowa to Homer Lee Kit Carson (no relation to the famous western hero) and Ruth Hook Carson, Johnny grew up with his parents, older sister, Catherine, and younger brother, Richard (Dick), in Nebraska. Johnny Carson married his college sweetheart Joan Wolcott on October 1, 1949. They had 3 sons. In 1963, Carson divorced Joan and married Joanne Copeland on August 17, 1963. After another divorce, he and former model Joanna Holland were married on September 30, 1972. This time, it was Holland who filed for a divorce in 1983. Johnny then married Alexis Maas on June 20, 1987, a marriage that survived happily until Carsons death in January 2005. Tips for Reading This Family Tree First Generation: 1. John William (Johnny) CARSON was born on 23 Oct 1925 in Corning, Iowa.1 He died of emphysema on 23 Jan 2005 in Malibu, California. Second Generation: 2. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON2,3 was born on 4 Oct 1899 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.4 He died on 9 Apr 1983 in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Arizona.5 Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON and Ruth HOOK were married in 1922.6 3. Ruth HOOK7 was born in Jul 1901 in Jackson Township, Taylor Co., Iowa.8 She died in 1985. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON and Ruth HOOK had the following children: i. Catherine Jean CARSON was born in Dec 1923 in Hand Hospital, Shenandoah, Iowa.81  Ã‚  ii. John William (Johnny) CARSON.iii. Richard Charles (Dick) CARSON was born on 4 Jun 1929 in Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa.9 Third Generation: 4. Christopher N. (Kit) CARSON2,3,10,11 was born in Jan 1874 in Monona Co., Iowa. Christopher N. (Kit) CARSON and Ella B. HARDY were married on 28 Dec 1898 in Harrison Co., Iowa.12 5. Ella B. HARDY2,3,10,13 was born on 18 Nov 1876 in Magnolia, Jefferson Co., Iowa. She died on 20 Aug 1967. Christopher N. (Kit) CARSON and Ella B. HARDY had the following children: 2 i. Homer Lee (Kit) CARSON.ii. Charles E. CARSON3 was born about 1907 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.iii. Raymond E. CARSON10 was born about 1913 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa.iv. Doris A. CARSON10 was born about 1918 in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa. 6. George William HOOK14 was born on 27 Dec 1870 or 1871 in Lowry, St. Clair Co., Missouri.15 He died of a heart attack on 21 Dec 1947 in Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa. He is buried in Fairview Bedford Cemetery, Taylor Co., Iowa. George William HOOK and Jessie BOYD were married on 19 Sep 1900.15-17 7. Jessie BOYD6 was born on 6 Jul 1876 in Taylor County, Iowa.16 She died of grief on 20 Jun 1911 in Bedford, Taylor Co., Iowa.16 She is buried in Fairview Bedford Cemetery, Taylor Co., Iowa. George William HOOK and Jessie BOYD had the following children: 3  Ã‚  i. Ruth HOOKii. John W. HOOK6 was born in 1904 in Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa.18 He died of peritonitis in May 1911 in Bedford, Taylor County, Iowa.19iii. Mary HOOK6 was born in Feb 1906 in Taylor County, Iowa.20,21iv. Florence HOOK6 was born in Feb 1910. She died in Feb 1910.22,23v. Jessie Boyd HOOK was born in Jun 1911.24 Fourth Generation: 8. Marshall CARSON11,25-28 was born on 14 Mar 1835 in Maine. He died on 21 May 1922 in Logan, Harrison County, Iowa. He is buried in Logan Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa. Marshall CARSON and Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG were married on 17 Jul 1870 in Washington County, Nebraska. 9. Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG11,26-28 was born on 18 May 1847 in Fayette, Indiana. She died on 12 Feb 1922 in Harrison County, Iowa. She is buried in Logan Cemetery, Harrison County, Iowa. Marshall CARSON and Emeline (Emma) KELLOGG had the following children: 4  Ã‚  i. Christopher N. (Kit) CARSON.ii. Angie CARSON11 was born about 1875 in Nebraska.iii. Phebe CARSON11 was born about 1877 in Iowa.iv. Amilda CARSON11 was born about 1879 in Iowa.v. Ora CARSON26 was born in Jun 1881 in Harrison Co., Edgar M. CARSON26 was born in Feb 1882 in Harrison Co., Iowa.vii. Fred G. CARSON26-28 was born in Jul 1885 in Harrison County, Iowa. He died in 1923 in Harrison Co., Iowa.viii. Herbert E. CARSON26,27,29 was born in Dec 1890 in Harrison Co., Iowa. 10. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY10,13,30,31 was born on 1 May 1848 in Angola, Steuben Co., Indiana. He died on 21 Jul 1933 in at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. N. Carson in Logan, Harrison Co., Iowa. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY and Viola Millicent VINCENT were married on 30 Jun 1872 in Iowa. 11. Viola Millicent VINCENT13,30,32 was born on 2 Apr 1855. She died on 3 May 1935 in Harrison Co., Iowa. Samuel Tomlinson HARDY and Viola Millicent VINCENT had the following children: i. Loyd HARDY13 was born about 1866 in Iowa.ii. Louis HARDY13 was born about 1870 in Iowa.5 iii. Ella B. HARDY.iv. Delaven H. HARDY13,30 was born in Aug 1879 in Iowa.30v. Bruce L. HARDY30 was born in Sep 1881 in Iowa.30vi. Gladys HARDY30 was born in Oct 1896 in Iowa.30

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Phrasal Verbs About Speaking for ESL Learners

Phrasal Verbs About Speaking for ESL Learners This phrasal verb feature focuses on phrasal verbs we use when talking about speaking and conversation. Obviously, using tell or say or speak, etc. is absolutely correct when relating conversations. However, if you want to stress HOW the person said something, phrasal verbs come in handy (idiombe useful). Phrasal Verbs About Speaking Negative Speaking go on: to continue to talk about a subject after the interest of the listener has been exhausted.harp on :Â  inf. to repeatedly talk about a certain subjectramble on: to talk for a long time about something which is not very interesting to the other people in the conversationrabbit on (British):Â  as aboverun on (American):Â  as above Speaking Quickly rattle off: to say a list or impressive number of facts very quicklyreel off inf.:Â  as abovewhip off inf. (American):Â  as above Interrupting butt in: to rudely enter another conversationchip in: to add a specific point to a conversation Speaking suddenly blurt out: to say something suddenly, usually without thinkingcome out with: to say something suddenly Contributing come up with: to add a new idea to a conversationto go along with: to agree with someone else Not Speaking shut up: to stop talking, often used as an imperative (very rude)break off: suddenly stop speakingclam up: to refuse to speak or become silent during a conversationdry up: run out of ideas of interesting comments, finish speaking because you dont know what to say next or have forgotten what you would like to say Speaking Rudely talk at: to talk to someone without listening to what they have to saytalk down to: to verbally treat someone in an inferior mannergo off: to speak angrily about somethingput down: to criticize someone or something Sample Paragraph WithPhrasal Verbs Last week I went to visit my friend Fred. Fred is a great guy but at times he can really go on about things. We were speaking about some of our friends and he came out with this incredible story about Jane. It seems she had butted in while he was harping on his favorite complaint: Service in restaurants. Apparently, he had been running on for quite a while putting down almost every restaurant he had been to by rattling off a list of his visits to different restaurants in town. I guess Jane felt that he was talking at her and was fed up with it. She went off about what a rude person he was which shut him up pretty quickly! I thought about blurting out that maybe she was right, but decided to clam up in order to not upset him.As you can see by using these phrasal verbs the reader gets a much better idea of the dynamics of the conversation. If the above story was reported by saying she told him, he said etc., it would be pretty boring indeed. In this way, the reader gets a real sense of the personalities of the speakers.

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Pursuing Criminal Syndicates Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Pursuing Criminal Syndicates - Essay Example In case of a terror attack, the doctors’ lack of bioterrorism knowledge would cause worse situation (Frist, 2009). The other significant concern is the inability of the government to deliver medicines in case of a bioterrorism attack. This situation is worrying since the citizens would lack quick response from the government, to deal with an occurrence of bioterrorism. There is a lack of adequate response techniques and strategies because of the rapid spread of such outbreaks such as smallpox. The outbreak is also air-borne and has a potential for unimaginable large numbers of fatalities (Frist, 2009). The police plays a significant role in responding in resolving to event of bioterrorism. Firstly, they help controlling movement out and in the contaminated areas. This aims at stopping the spread of contamination (Frist, 2009). In conjunction with the medical personnel, they play a part in determining the extent of exposure. Secondly, they are critical in bringing in resources needed to characterize the contaminated areas in preparation for remediation. This includes feeding the workers, storage of supply and equipment as well as laboratory facilities (Frist, 2009). Thirdly, the police plays even a bigger role participating in investigating the attacks. This tries to find out the culprits and understand their motives. This also helps to prevent further attacks from the terrorists by when they arrest them (Frist, 2009). This entails a society, which resolves to violence or criminal activities for selfish benefits. There are various forms or categories of organized crimes. Firstly, there are providers of services termed illegal by law. This includes such activities as gambling, prostitution, and protection (Albanese, 2010). Secondly, there are individual in the supply of prohibited goods, comprising of drugs and pornography. Another form includes the money laundering

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Marketing report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Marketing report - Essay Example In this kind of distributorship arrangement, the company cannot be an importer nor act as a commercial agent unless it is 100% Egyptian owned and managed. Second option is the Limited Liability Company wherein company has no limit on the percentage of ownership, provided that there is at least one or more Egyptian managers in the company, there are at least two shareholders or partners in the company and the capital should not be less than $9,000. Again, in this set up, the company cannot be an importer nor act as a commercial agent. Third option is a joint stock company that requires 49% of shares of stocks to be offered to Egyptians upon formation. Eventually, foreign stockholders may own 100% of the company provided majority of the board of directors is Egyptians and capitalization should not be lower than LE 250,000, with at least three Egyptian shareholders. Again, this type of distributorship may not import or act as commercial agent unless it is 100% Egyptian owned and managed . Another alternative is for foreign firms to register and sell direct to Egyptian consumers. They can do this by establishing their own subsidiary in Egypt or put up its own manufacturing assembly operation in Egypt. Foreign firms can use free zones areas or bonded warehouses to store goods and hire their own employees to sell their own goods. Foreign firms can also rely on Egyptian companies for wholesale and retail distribution who are specialized on wholesale and retail distribution. Besides, according to USCS (March 2011) Egyptian commercial agents are required for foreign firms to bid on most government tenders. Statistics from USCS provides the following data: As of 2007, there are 5,800 registered importers in Egypt, 9,600 exporters, 4,330 commercial agents representing 106,200 firms and 4,250 factories licensed to import components. Most of these firms are privately owned, but the government sector includes some 279 separate companies affiliated with 16 holding companies; n early 30 military factories that also make civilian products; and 1,500 companies owned by one of the 26 provincial authorities. Â   Trade Guide for Egypt considers U.S., Germany, UK, France and Italy as main suppliers. An important regulation that pertains to export regulations for foodstuffs is the quality inspection upon entrance to Egypt. Packaged items must be labeled in Arabic and should contain the name of the product, its trademark, its bran name, the product’s technical data and mode of operation, international marks and information that should be observed during transportation and handling, country of origin, production and expiry dates and manufacturer’s name. Exporters should also observe the international shipping and handling symbols, but should specify any special handling instructions in English and in Arabic. One channel of distribution that is getting to be popular in the internet is the B2B websites. B2B is the exchange of products and services or i nformation between business rather than business to consumers. Growth of B2B is estimated to be worth $7.29 trillion dollars in 2004 (Jones, Paula, 2000). Retailers and businesses in Egypt has its own B2B websites wherein business can view offers to buy, post offer to sell, view company directories, request shipping quotations and other details for trading business ( B2B transactions have made trade faster and a reliable means of distribution. 2.

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Methods Of Personality Research ? Clinical Vs. Experimental :: essays research papers

The development of personality has long been an area of extreme interest to psychologists and psychoanalysts alike and many different theories of personality have developed over the years. From Sigmund Freud to B.F. Skinner, everyone seems to have not only an opinion of what personality is and how it develops but also an idea as to what is the best way to measure and report their findings. In order to test their theories, it was necessary to formulate methods of research that were effective, ethical and would provide a solid foundation for future personality research.Although both the clinical and experimental methods of personality research have lent themselves to our present day understanding of the human psyche and personality, each has done so in vastly different ways. Freud and his colleagues, who pioneered the clinical research method, chose to observe their clients in an up close and personal fashion. A great deal of their research findings came from interviews with psychologically disturbed patients. Personality psychologists who opt for the clinical method of research regard their work as both a method of gathering information and testing hypothesis as well as an opportunity to provide therapy and encourage healing. Therefore, the clinical method is very person oriented and allows for a more intimate study of the individual personality.Proponents of the experimental method are equally as dedicated to their methods of research. Not unlike clinical researchers, experimental researchers regard their methods as the best way of gathering information to support hypothesis regarding personality. Although their methods are not as up close and personal as those who study using the clinical method, they are certainly valuable. Experimental research is often regarded as the best form of research, due to its strict adherence to rigid research guidelines. Although neither of these two methods are infallible, each has its own merits and downfalls. In order to be best able to critique these methods one must have a general knowledge of each method, and an understanding of what has allowed them their staying power in the field of psychological research. The Clinical Research MethodThe clinical method of personality research developed literally at the patient’s bedside. During this time in the life of psychoanalytic research, the subjects were usually afflicted with one type of psychotic disorder or another. This bedside approach to analysis allowed for the psychiatrist or psychologist to observe the patient in their most natural surroundings.

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Recrutiment Process at Infosys Essay

Infosys Technologies has got the most structured recruitment process among all IT companies in India. First of all, they do not have any distinction between any branches of Engg. Whatever be the branch, you can sit up for the selection process if you qualify their other eligibility criteria like marks and time gap. i. e Once you had appeared for any test at Infosys, you will have to wait for 9 months until you appear for any of their recruitment process. For Off-campus, send in your resumes to the mail-Id mentioned and you are sure to get a call letter if you meet their academic criteria. Hence once you send the resume, start preparing for the exam, because you are sure to get a call. You may get call through e-mail invitation and further the admit card will be send to your postal address through courier/post. Latest selection process. ( As on March 2006) The duration of the selection process is 2. hrs which includes filling in an application form, an Aptitude Test (Analytical Thinking and Arithmetic Reasoning) and a test of Communicative English Language. The duration of the tests alone will be 90 minutes. The Aptitude Test will be generally of Puzzles type and the no. of questions will vary between 9 -15. The best way to practice for the tests is to go through the previous question papers at Freshersworld. com or refer books like Sakuntala Devi or George Summers. Go through the Maximum No. of previous question papers and prepare well for the puzzles.

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Perception And Perspectives On Plagiarism Of Postgraduate...

Title Perception and perspectives on plagiarism of postgraduate research methodology students at a distance education institution. Literature review Most institutions, if not all, put a great amount of emphasis on plagiarism. Students are made aware of the fact that plagiarism will not be tolerated and consequences will follow if one is guilty of such actions. Although the conduct of plagiarism by students have consequences, such as being dismissed from the institution or not studying at any other university, still does plagiarism seems appealing to them. Many factors contribute to plagiarism and various reasons came to surface on why students plagiarize in previous researches conducted. Reviewing the history and the definition on plagiarism, it is clear that plagiarism is not something new. In 1601, the word plagiary was introduced to English by Ben Jonson (Lynch and Jackson, 2005), thereafter, the word plagiarism was introduced in 1620 (Harper, 2011). In an research conducted by Kisamore, Stone, and Jawahar, (2007, p. 381) it was evident that there is an increase in academia dishonesty from 1941 till 2005 and is still continuing. The word plagiarism has no fixed definition as it is defined differently by various authors. What stood out and is similar in most of the definition stated by various authors is that plagiarism comes down to taking what is not yours and presenting it as your own. Carroll (2002) define plagiarism as the â€Å"passing off of someone else’s work asShow MoreRelatedOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pages. Organization Theory Challenges and Perspectives John McAuley, Joanne Duberley and Phil Johnson . This book is, to my knowledge, the most comprehensive and reliable guide to organisational theory currently available. What is needed is a text that will give a good idea of the breadth and complexity of this important subject, and this is precisely what McAuley, Duberley and Johnson have provided. They have done some sterling service in bringing together the very diverse strands of work