Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Personal and Professional Development Assignment - 5

Personal and Professional Development - Assignment Example During the time that I was working at the orphanage I learnt that those children were faced with a lot of challenges especially those who went to government school. They were looked down upon and thus they were not given equal chance with their peers to participate in co-curricular activities. They therefore felt side lined and felt out of place. I initiated a project that was to introduce football tournaments between the children homes in my home town. Due to my good interactions skills that had been nurtured at school, I was able to get sponsors who funded the project thus the children homes that participated were rewarded accordingly. After conducting an evaluation test, I found that the objectives for which the project was based on had been met. The children felt that they were part of the society as they had not been left out. Therefore this made my project to be successful.First unsuccessful storyƃ‚  During the last year my family faced a major financial crisis that had resulte d from my mother being laid off from duty. There was a scandal at their company that had been caused by the seniors since they had committed a fraud. All along we had been brought up by our mother and she was our only bread winner. Being the first born in our family and having completed school a while ago, I had to look for a job in order to help my mother fend for the family since my other siblings were still in school. The road to getting a job was not that smooth for me since there was competition from others who had completed schooling.

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